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"This was the most affordable and easy reverse phone number service I have used. "

Dollar Reverse Phone Lookup

"I use their service every time I have people calling and hanging up or for those pesky annoying sales calls with those rude as can be sales rep."

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The Main Reason We Started A Reverse Number Lookup Company and People Search Service

Up until six months ago, I had no idea what a reverse phone lookup was. We built this service to help people with the frustration of receiving a constant barrage of unknown callers without caller ID. As a business owner, unwanted calls become an even bigger problem because everyone wants to sell you something.

The Dollar Reverse Company Mission

A no-frills affordable service that doesn't rely on fancy tricks, bait schemes or the promise of free telephone lookups that turn out to be untrue. Provide the lowest price phone lookups No fancy gimicky loading screen with pretend faces like they're using some type of facial recognition system And we don't state the words FREE FREE FREE in our advertisements to bait customers like most of our competition. We do offer a free summary people search which pulls what kind of information we have in our database. For example, when a number is enter you'll know if we have the full name, address, photographs, educational background and more related to that specific number.

My Personal Telemarketing Nightmare

At it's worst which is right before we decided to build this application , I wouldn't answer the phone unless I knew to a certainty who the call was from. I would literally get anxiety every time the phone rang. I was getting so many unwanted calls it was ridiculous. I couldn't distinguish between scammers, sales calls, collection calls and worst of all I was missing out on customer calls. In the back of my mind, I think I'm missing out on potential new business, but there was no way to know.

A few months ago, I had submitted a form through a website trying to get some additional information on purchasing a calling service. Within 30 minutes I had 15 different companies calling my cell phone trying to sell me a calling service. And every single company would call at least twice daily using different numbers. To make matters worse, these companies use a service which changes their phone number on your caller ID to a local number. It's really tricky and annoying. This went on for two months, and I got really fed up with the other phone reverse service providers. So we decided to build a reverse lookup application for everyone else who was having these issues. Our business model depends on an application that is extremely easy to use, low cost, fast and accurate. And just so you know, I was able to get the company phone numbers that were harassing me using DR phone lookup. I was able to block them immediately now I do that whenever I have an issue with unwanted phone calls. Finally, a little peace of mind. Hopefully, I can pass some of that on to you.

Thank You for using Dollar Reverse as your go-to lookup company.

Andrew Smallwood, Founder and Developer
and Family

Andrew Smallwood Family

No games, No Hidden Fees, just a One Dollar People Search

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