Dollar Reverse Caller ID Lookup
"This was the most affordable and easy reverse phone number service I have used. "
- Google+ Review
Dollar Reverse Caller ID Lookup
"I use their service every time I have people calling and hanging up or for those pesky annoying sales calls with those rude as can be sales reps."
- Google+ Review

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FCRA NOTICE: Dollar Reverse is not a "consumer reporting agency" and our search results do not constitute a "consumer report" as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Search results resulting from the Dollar Reverse Caller ID Lookup system may not be used for any FCRA regulated purpose including determining a individual's eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or housing.
* Also, Burner Phones or disposable numbers will not work using this system.

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Caller ID Lookup Features

Here is a list of all the possible retrievable data points using the reverse directory.

Full Name Address Photos
Educational Background Employment History Relationship Name
Street Address City, State Zip
Carrier Name Phone Type Provider
Longitude Latitude Social Cover Photo

Dollar Reverse Telephone Solutions Overview

A no-frills affordable caller ID lookup service, aimed at both consumers and businesses, that doesn't rely on fancy tricks, bait schemes or the promise of free telephone lookups that turn out to be inaccurate or contain false information. We built this to provide our customers with a fast, efficient and accurate telephone lookup on the go. No fancy gimmicky loading screen with pretend faces like they're using some type of facial recognition system. And we don't state the words FREE FREE FREE in our advertisements as a way to bait more customers like the vast majority of other services in the phone reverse industry. We do offer a free summary reverse phone lookup, which pulls information from our extensive and consistently updated database as well as information from real-time searches. To read more on our motivations and about the company itself, please check out the About Dollar Reverse Lookup page as well as more about our company values and goals outlined in the Dollar Reverse Lookup Mission.

No games, No Hidden Fees, No Contracts And No Fine Print
Just One Dollar Phone Reverses

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